About Us

Owner of Pet Minders

April’s work background includes over 20 years in the corporate sector. The last 10 years of her corporate career she spent traveling the US as a National Sales Director hiring and managing remote Sales Reps. This experience has been invaluable to her as she adds new Pet Sitters and helps them provide excellence in their service to her clients.

It was while traveling that April found pet sitting as an option for her young dog who had horrible separation anxiety. No matter how much she spent or to what lengths she went to her doggie came back to her with tummy issues due to his severe separation anxiety. While doing some research she found in-home pet sitting as an option. Her dog was able to stay at home and have a sitter come in three times a day for feeding, walks and petting time.

In 2003 several things happened that made April look at what she wanted to do for the next 20 years. She was married to her wonderful husband John and she was caught in the third round of lay-offs the day after coming home from her honeymoon. While she quickly found another position she found that her heart just wasn’t into going to the airport once or twice a week and seeing her husband and pets on the week-ends.

April has always had a love for animals and refers to her pets as her fur children. She understood that most people feel the same way so when she found Pet Minders for sale she jumped at the opportunity to own a business that can make a difference in a pet’s life. April now has over 15 pet sitters, some who have been with her as long as 9 years. While her business continues to grow she is careful to not get so big she can’t give personal service to her clients.