Frequently Asked Questions

  • We come to your home and take care of your pets as opposed to you taking them to a boarding facility or asking friends and family while you are away. We will walk the dogs, feed and refresh water for cats and dogs, play with them, scoop the litter box, bring in your mail, etc. while you are away. See our services page for more in-depth information.

  • In a word, yes. They are in a familiar environment and their routine will stay intact. Routine changes are very stressful to animals, the more you can do to keep the routine the same the less stressed they will be.

  • Yes, all Pet Minders sitters are covered in a group policy through Pet Sitters International. Please read the terms and conditions of your contract for items not covered.

  • The pet sitter will come and introduce themselves to you, meet your pets, and become familiar with your home and your pets routine. There is no charge for this visit. We do require a consult for all new customers.

  • We have backup sitters in your area. 

  • If the pet sitter determines it is an emergency they will immediately take your pet to your vet or if after hours the closest emergency vet clinic. If we become concerned about your pet but don’t feel it is an emergency situation you will be contacted for further instructions. If we can’t reach you we will call your emergency contact.

  • The schedule confirmation is your confirmation of upcoming service and includes the dates and times you requested service. Please always review the message for accuracy. The email is also sent to your pet sitter and his/her schedule is automatically populated with your service dates and times to ensure no missed visits.

  • You can email the changes to us or you can call our office.  We will make the adjustments in our system and send you an updated confirmation.

  • Pet Minders requires a credit or debit card to be kept on file.  We prefer to use this card for payment and typically charge it at or near the end of your service.  You can also pay by Paypal via the link on the confirmation email before you leave.  If you wish to leave a check for the sitter before you leave please advise the office so we don’t charge your card.

  • We always strive to assign the same pet sitter for your visits. Please understand that pet sitters also take time off or have scheduling conflicts so in that case you would be assigned another sitter who you would meet before you leave.

  • Gratuities are always appreciated by your pet sitter. We prefer you pay them directly, but you may include the gratuity in your payment to Pet Minders and the sitter will be reimbursed.

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Frequently Asked Questions